When you are running around or working all day sometimes the last thing you want to do is cook dinner so the ice cream container, frozen meals or endless slices of toast seem like the best option? WRONG!! You can whip up a healthy and wholesome dinner with very minimal ingredients in about 12 minutes.  Continue reading “7 HEALTHY DINNERS IN UNDER 12 MINUTES”


It is a bank holiday weekend here in London which means an extra indulgent weekend is about to begin. Make sure you set time aside today to get a quick sweat on so you can relax for the rest of the weekend. Try my quick full body circuit which can be done in the gym, at the park or at home (all you need is a bench). HAPPY FRIDAY !!  Continue reading “BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND WORKOUT”


I refer to this satay sauce quite a lot in my recipes. Satay pies, curries, stir frys, pizzas, burgers and as a dipping sauce for rice paper rolls, spring rolls or meatballs. It is pretty simple to make and a great healthy low fat alternative to the processed sugary sauces you buy from the super market. Just make sure you have your peanut butter tub ready to rock and roll – and sample as you go! It is delish! Continue reading “SATAY SAUCE”



Serves 12-16 balls – GF DF SF P* – 15 minutes



2 Tbs sesame seeds (plus extra for rolling in)

2 Tbs chia seeds (plus extra for rolling)

1/2 cup peanut butter

1 cup oats

1/4 cup hot water

1/2 cup raisins

3 scoops neat nutrition naked whey protein

8 drops stevia liquid or 2 tsp stevia powder


Blend hot water and raisins together in food processor. Add peanut butter. Add dry ingredients and process until well combined.

Roll into balls and coat in a blend of chia seeds and sesame seeds. Alternatively you can omit the seeds for more soft chewy texture. I made a batch of both.

Store in the fridge.




It wasn’t until I did some research that I realised how BIG and BAD unhealthy relationships with food are in our modern day society. Yes we all try and limit ourselves to 1 piece of chocolate and end up inhaling the block only to sit there for the next few hours (yes men…. hours) with so much guilt that you just wish you could reverse time and restrain. We all do it – but at what cost to our bodies? If you have a bad relationship with food… it’s time to break up. Cheesy text, awkward phone call, in person, sleazy twitter or Facebook status announcement… just end it because you will just get hurt even more. Continue reading “I’M BREAKING UP… WITH FOOD”


So it is officially AUGUST!  Which means we are well and truly over half way through 2016 (whaaaaaa?) I know how did this happen? And the health and fitness industry has seen some huge changes, fads and additions already. Float baths are the newest of the relaxation and recovery methods, fitness trackers and technology are taking over our arms and bodies, carbs are BACK (woop woop) and people are sipping beetroot lattes… yes you read that right, beetroot I know!! Continue reading “HOTTEST HEALTH AND FITNESS TRENDS OF 2016”

LIVING NUTRITION; All disease begins in the gut

There are so many conflicting ideas and thoughts out there in the world of health and wellbeing that sometimes we just do not know what to do or believe, and fair enough. I never realised why this was the case. Why everyone had different ideas. Why some people swear by one product and others another. And why certain things can impact people in different ways; until I met with Living Nutrition’s founder and nutritional therapist Graham Botfield. Continue reading “LIVING NUTRITION; All disease begins in the gut”


If you follow any health or fitness foodie on instagram you are bound to have come across Matcha Green Tea Powder. Not only does it have the most beautiful green colour and make everything look stunning, it is amazingly good for you too. Just like regular green tea which is packed with antioxidants, matcha is great for your insides and metabolism. Green tea not only speeds up your metabolism and gives you energy, it is great for detoxing and weightloss! Continue reading “MATCHA COCONUT BALLS”


There is a lot of controversy these days in the health and fitness industry regarding the naughty C word… CARBS. For some reason they received a bad rap a few years ago and everything became ‘low carb’ and ‘low fat’ meaning only one thing – processed crap and high sugar. Only recently has carbs become, how shall we say, fashionable again? Many celebs are representing the whole STRONG NOT SKINNY  lifestyle this last year and all of a sudden girls eating proper food and training hard is the hottest new thang!! That’s right – eat carbs and sweat hard.  Continue reading “DON’T EAT CARBS – SAID NO ONE EVER”


When it comes to high quality products you cannot go wrong with the tick of Aussie made approval. Even living in London, I seem to find myself attracted to the Aussie products and they are finding themselves more and more on International shelves. There are so many active wear brands out there today and it is hard to find ones that are of real top quality, that you aren’t just paying for the little logo *cough* LuluLemon *cough*. (Although Lululemon do offer one of the best qualities and guarantees around – I find myself paying for the little silver logo).  Continue reading “MADE IN AUSTRALIA”