We are told daily to “eat more fruits and vegetables” for better overall health, however making a salad or a large tray of roast veggies can be very time consuming, especially the washing and peeling preparation. But what if I said that you can save yourself some time and also score more nutrients by NOT peeling certain fruit or veggies? Here are a list of vegetables that are more beneficial to our health when we eat it whole – yep skin and all!!

1. potatoes; traditionally we are used to peeling potatoes for chips, salads and the classic mash. Wrong! 20% of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals in a potato is found in the skin and it is full of fiber. Forget the peeler just give it a good old scrub under the tap!

2. eggplant; The skin of this plump, meaty favourite contains a phytonutrient called nasunin, a potent antioxidant that helps counter cell damage brought on by aging or disease

3. sweet potato; like potatoes, the skin of the sweet variety contains so much vitamin C, potassium and betacarotene that you would simply be wasting by tossing out.

4. cucumber; I personally love cucumber skin and rarely peel it which is great because the peel is loaded with immune-boosting antioxidants and fiber. And we all know fiber keeps the digestive track flowing smoothly.

5. carrot; A simple rinse in all you need to prep a carrot especially if they are organic, there is no need to remove the antioxidant dense skin.

6. parsnips; these are another carrot like vegetable that contains a lot of nutrients in the skin – so keep it on when you cook it!

7. apples; Many people remove the skin because it can be tough to digest, but that just means itโ€™s rich in fiber, which fills you up and aids digestion. Apples are more crunchy with the skin on (which is the best part right?) and it is rich in vitamin C and triterpenoids which are cancer fighters! Eat the core too – I dare you!!

8. Bananas; JUST KIDDING!!! keep peeling those yellow bad boys – the skin isn’t for the keeping!

Happy hump day



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