I love this meal. It is easy and makes a big portion so it is great for Meal Prepping and having leftovers. Plus it is jam packed full of veggies and is really flavoursome. Everyone loves pie…



1kg ground beef mince

2 tins tomatoes

Fresh oregano and basil


Leek sliced

Garlic diced

Whole tub of mushrooms

Frozen peas

1 courgette grated


2 large sweet potatoes peeled and cut into cubes

½ cup almond milk

Handful of cheese optional

Salt and pepper



For the mince

Cook up the leak and garlic in the pan with the herbs and spices and some olive oil. Add the mince and Sautee. Add the mushrooms. Add the tin tomatoes and simmer. Add the peas and grated courgette. Leave aside to simmer for 20 minutes.

For the potato

Peel and cut up the potatoes and steam them until soft. You can steam them or boil them or even microwave if you want. When soft, place them into the blender with the almond milk (you can use whatever milk you like or have) and then add some salt and pepper. Add some cheese if you wish too it’s delightful.

To construct it

In a large oven dish, place the mince on the bottom. Pour and spread the sweet potato mix on top. Add some cheese grated on top and then bake in oven for 20 minutes. It is all cooked and ready to eat but the extra baking just combines it all together and allows the cheese to melt!

Should serve 6-8 portions depending on size


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