I am Katie Morgan. A Pilates trainer and health, fitness, lifestyle blogger. I grew up in Perth WA, moved to the East coast of Australia for 2 years before moving to London for 3 years. I’m BACK BABY and I have come back to my roots in WA to settle down.

6 year have passed since I embarked on this self-committed healthy lifestyle to become a better version of myself. My passion for fitness and wellbeing turned into my career in 2015 when I got my fitness trainer level 2 qualification. I have been making peoples butts and lives awesome working as a Pilates instructor at one of London’s leading reformer studios; Heartcore.

So here are some things about me and my ‘wholesome’ life…

  • I am not a doctor or a scientist – I am sharing information that I pull from various sources. Certain things I have picked up along the way and are my opinions or based on my personal experiences.
  • I am not a vegetarian – 75% of my meals are plant based and I love grains and pulses although I could never give up a nice rare steak. Ever. There are too many benefits in lean animal proteins and given this up is not something that I am interested in.
  • I follow but am not totally sold on the raw food and paleo based diets – what appeals to me is that they are wholesome foods closest to their natural form however I find they restrict things that work for my body – ie peanuts, certain oils, grains, legumes, pulses and full fat dairy products.
  • I am (almost) completely gluten free – due to IBS and constant digestive struggles I now follow a gluten free diet, however I do not have coeliac disease. I eat whole rye bread, spelt and oat products and certain wholefoods which contain gluten. Therefore some of the recipes you will find on my page will contain gluten.
  • I am human – I eat chocolate (Lindt dark coconut intense …OMG)!! And if I want to eat a burger… I will (Grill’d Zen hen with avocado, beetroot and an egg thanks) I find that depriving yourself of something you want or being too strict will only lead to binges and falling off the scale. I try and eat clean 80% of the time which means I allow for the other 20% to be a bit more ‘free’. Of course you will find yourself in a situation beyond your control. for example at work functions, meetings, eating on the road (in which case I am known for my enormous supply of travel and car snacks) and at special events like weddings, parties, dinners and BIRTHDAYS. Some days are just meant for indulging!
  • I love baking sweet desserts both raw and baked cacao powder, coconut oil, goji berries… you name it the pantry it stocked. And might I say in all lined up perfectly filled containers with every nut, seed, grain and latest super food you can think of. And cinnamon of course!
  • I love baking but I am not a chef, I love yoga but I am not a yogi and I love fitness but I am not an athlete. I am an architect on the east coast of Australia – living a healthier leaner and greener life doing what I love.

Follow me on this journey of living a healthy active life. Now grab some kale and lift that kettlebell! “Take care of your body – it’s the only place you have to live forever” – Jim Rohn


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    1. Hi Lauren!! Wow that’s awesome. thank you so much! glad my blog inspires you. just had a cheeky look at your blog too and its seriously amazing! love the styling and your gorgeous recipes. I will get onto answering those questions now and get back to you!! thanks gorgeous have a wonderful day!

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