With the Easter weekend only one sleep away the first thing you have to understand is that being healthy and fit isn’t about restrictions or depriving yourself of things. Especially Easter Eggs. You don’t need to ban yourself of certain food groups, you just need to ditch the guilt and learn how to indulge the right way. Starting with the brain. Yep that’s right it’s a mental thing.   


MONDAYITIS; Let’s do this together !

Do you all love your work and routine so much that you jump out of bed on a Monday without an alarm at 5.32am, feeling like you have slept for 12 hours and are ready to take on the world without caffeine? ummm…..NO? Exactly. Don’t lie. Here are some ways to make your Monday more cheerful!  Continue reading “MONDAYITIS; Let’s do this together !”


This is a little healthy spin on an old classic. I say courgette but we all know the real name is zucchini! However to make it different to my zucchini pie recipe already on the blog which contains sweet potato too, I call this the courgette bacon pie. Sounds tasty! Quick, simple and very nutritious – you will want to bake one this week for lunches or quick dinners. You can make it with almond meal or oats depending on your dietary requirements. I used oats and it turned out a treat. Continue reading “COURGETTE + BACON PIE”


A healthy cookie is honestly HARD to find. or at least one that is crunchy and actually cookie like. I have had some serious cookie fails (usually with protein powders) in the kitchen and so each batch always comes out of the oven with a little natural hesitation. But FINALLY here is a cookie that tastes amazing and won’t disappoint on the crunch or taste factor. Continue reading “SALTED CACAO AND HAZELNUT COOKIES”


There’s no denying the mornings are getting colder and darker (in London) but that’s no reason to throw in the towel with healthy and quick breakfasts. Make a batch of this bircher which will last you 4 days in the fridge and you can have it prepped and ready to eat on the run or quickly heat in the morning. That’s right heat. Hot bircher is the new HOT thing. Otherwise if you are more of a play it safe gal and don’t like change, simply eat it cold. It’s just as delicious plus the cheeky spices will keep you warm inside.

Continue reading “HOT BIRCHER MUESLI”


Another successful flavour bursting dish without nasty oils or gluten PLUS the recipe uses lots of hidden greens and is pretty damn easy. I have made this both with oat flour and flavourless protein powder from Neat Nutrition. Great way to incorporate whey protein into savoury dishes.  Just make sure its Non flavoured and not vanilla !!  Continue reading “HIGH PROTEIN ASIAN PRAWN CAKES”