Paris; K + K fit and healthy guide to

48 hours in Paris to indulge in all things chocolate, romance and baguettes … and that’s exactly what I did. I have been to Paris three times now for little weekend getaways (bonus of the Eurostar from London) The first time was more about the sights and pastries, thanks so my sugar queen friend Miss Trixie – Check out her Website >> here. I literally had a sugar come down the next day as it filtered out of my body.  Continue reading “Paris; K + K fit and healthy guide to”


One of the most beautiful and expensive corners of the world, I was lucky enough to get to the Amalfi coast twice in my lifetime so far. Both times with very different budgets and life stories but nonetheless it hasn’t changed. Here is my guide to the Amalfi Coast.  Continue reading “Amalfi Coast; K + K FIT AND HEALTHY GUIDE TO;”


Morrocco is not a destination city. You don’t go to tick things off your list because there aren’t really any. It is all about soaking up the culture one tagine and sugary mint tea at a time. With no expectations I certainly loved it. The tagines, the markets, the locals. It is only a stone throw from London and the culture and beautiful architecture and French style is just amazing. Book it!! Continue reading “MOROCCO; K+K FIT AND HEALTHY GUIDE TO;”

MALTA; K+K Fit and Healthy Guide to;

A country that I knew very little about but soon learnt to love. We only had 3 days but it was the perfect amount of exploring and relaxing pool side. Located south west of Italy in the middle of the Med, expect large super yachts you can admire from afar, little colourful boats, plenty of beach clubs, over crowded bays, Mediterranean sunshine and cuisine and and a killer tan.  Continue reading “MALTA; K+K Fit and Healthy Guide to;”

PORTUGAL; K+K Fit and Healthy Guide to;

After spending 2 weeks in Spain and getting pretty good at Spanish (and committing to a $8.99 app to learn it) I was disappointed that I liked Portugal even more and that their languages were completely different. Portugal was just beautiful. Everything about it. The people. The food. The beautiful coastline and small cities/towns. The first time I went we visited Porto and Lisbon and most recently last year we got a camper van and drove the entire coast line from Faro to Porto and beyond.  Continue reading “PORTUGAL; K+K Fit and Healthy Guide to;”


My first European ski experience and  just wow. Sorry Australia but your 15 meter long slopes just don’t compare to the 15 minute long ones in Chamonix and the French Alps. We got a cheap flight to Geneva from London although let me just stop there as I won’t be mentioning the word ‘cheap’ again. A ski holiday is not cheap. The French Alps are not cheap. But it was so fun that my bank account can take the hit for the amazing 4 days we had… one aperol spritz at a time.


NEW YORK; K + K’s fit and healthy guide to

Ok so I couldn’t wait to write this blog but more importantly step foot on Manhattan island again. The last time I went to New York was in 2012 and I met a young bearded hunk a spunk who I now call my soul mate. Enough gooey stuff and more food talk right? Ok here we go.   Continue reading “NEW YORK; K + K’s fit and healthy guide to”