Forget the diamonds, jewels, fine dining, champagne and red roses… Valentine’s day is all about the CHOCOLATE and lots of it. If there is one thing you should all know about me – the way to my heart is all about the food. Strawberries coated in dark chocolate, decadent slices, choc-raspberry tarts and cheesecakes or any cake for that matter oozing with chocolatey goodness. Continue reading “COCONUT CHOCOLATE LOVE BISCUITS”


If there is something that is growing as popular as chicks with abs at the moment – it’s BRUNCH!! The saying has been around for ages but the foodie industry and independent cafes have grabbed ‘brunch’ by the reins and taken it to a whole new level. Out with the separate breakfast and lunch menus and in with smashed avocado and poachies on toast at 2pm, actually even 8pm in London. Speaking of which, smashed avocado seems to trump (bad time to say Trump?) all menus and be the most demanded go to. So here are my top 5 smashed avo’s in London. Get your bum down to them and try them out.  Continue reading “BEST SMASHED AVO IN LONDON”


Now as much as I love my meat and couldn’t be a vegetarian (slash don’t want to because I love chicken and steak) I respect and find a big place in this world for vegetarians. The ongoing issue with being vegetarian is that they don’t eat enough protein and tend to eat white carbs and cheese constantly. One of my mates recently decided to go vegetarian and my best friend is also vegetarian so I thought I would research into it and create some high protein meal plans that don’t consist of tofu tofu and tofu.  Continue reading “THE HEALTHY VEGETARIAN”

NEW YORK; K + K’s fit and healthy guide to

Ok so I couldn’t wait to write this blog but more importantly step foot on Manhattan island again. The last time I went to New York was in 2012 and I met a young bearded hunk a spunk who I now call my soul mate. Enough gooey stuff and more food talk right? Ok here we go.   Continue reading “NEW YORK; K + K’s fit and healthy guide to”

REALITY CHECK… Do’s and Don’t’s to get back into routine

Christmas is over! Sorry to be the grinch, but it’s true. No more Mariah Carey carols, no more sparkly Christmas trees and lights, no more eating until you can’t move and sleeping in and watching movies all afternoon … All that we have left is the memories and extra grams of love on us from an indulgent celebratory week or two (cough Month cough). Now is NOT the time to go into a regretful state of binge detoxes and skinny teas. Trust me there is nothing worse for you body. Love yourself and move on with my Do’s and Don’t’s for the post Christmas period. Continue reading “REALITY CHECK… Do’s and Don’t’s to get back into routine”


If Christmas isn’t your favourite time of the year then maybe these will change your mind. Like wise if you aren’t the biggest choc mint fan… these jingle balls will definitely change your mind! They are my all time favourite protein balls and are a Christmas must! Perfect way to enjoy the silly season whilst maintaining your protein levels and reducing your intake of artificial sugars!


I feel like this blog has been a long time coming, so it is FINALLY here!! All the hottest places to eat in Bali, best smoothie bowls, best coffee and brunches and one hell of an activity for the fitness enthusiast. Bali has changed a lot over the last decade and it is becoming more and more health conscious, as fitness camps and retreats are popping up all over the island. The Gili islands, Lombok and of course Ubud are still very much untouched, so just avoid Kuta and you will have an amazing experience. Here is my fit and healthy guide to BALI!

Continue reading “BALI; K+K’s FIT AND HEALTHY GUIDE TO”


Whipped these BRIGHT yellow tuna corn patties up the other night and with minimal clean ingredients they turned out an absolute treat. Super quick and super delicious considering they are so healthy. Perfect for lunch boxes, freezer dinners or even breakfast with some poached eggs. Make them this week – you probably have all the ingredients too.



This is a little healthy spin on an old classic. I say courgette but we all know the real name is zucchini! However to make it different to my zucchini pie recipe already on the blog which contains sweet potato too, I call this the courgette bacon pie. Sounds tasty! Quick, simple and very nutritious – you will want to bake one this week for lunches or quick dinners. You can make it with almond meal or oats depending on your dietary requirements. I used oats and it turned out a treat. Continue reading “NEW COURGETTE BACON PIE”